Top 10 Posts of 2015

When we launched AWHONN Connections in May of this year, we could not have imagined the response that we would have received from our members, nurses, parents and members of the media.

In less than a year our blog has received over 232,000 visits, from 167 countries and had 4 blogs republished on the Huffington Post! As the year comes to a close we want to say a HUGE Thank You to our readers and our bloggers.

Here’s Our 2015 Top Ten Round Up!

  1. Placental Transfusion for Neonatal Resuscitation After a Complete Abruption
    Read how AWHONN Member Lisa-Marie Sasaki Cook and her team were able to save a life with a cord blood infusion.
  2. 10 Things Your Labor Nurse Wishes You Knew
    AWHONN Member Shelly Lopez Gray and author ofAdventures of a Labor Nurse shares a list of what labor and delivery nurses wished their patients knew!
  3. Top 10 Misconceptions About the Use of Nitrous Oxide in Labor
    The use of nitrous oxide as a labor analgesic has grown in the United States over the past three years. While it has been widely used in Europe for decades, with favorable results, along with it comes the perpetuation of myths.
  4. 5 Q&A About Inducing Labor From Our CEO
    AWHONN CEO Lynn Erdman answers moms questions about inducing labor
  5. 5 Things That Nurses Wish All Parents Knew About Newborn Screening
    AWHONN President-Elect Emily Drake, PhD, RN, FAAN shares the five things nurses wished parents knew about newborn screenings.
  6. Postpartum Recovery Tips for Moms from Our Nurses & Midwives
    AWHONN surveyed members and asked them what advice they would give to new moms and here’s what they had to say.
  7. Nitrous Oxide: A Mom’s Perspective
    Shauna Zurawski, a mom of four relives each of her very different birth experiences and why she feels nitrous oxide was the best form of pain management for her.
  8. Nurses’ Critical Role in Preventing Infant Sleep-related Deaths: A Call to Action
    Did you know that most infant sleep-related deaths are considered preventable? Sharon C. Hitchcock speaks on the critical role nurses play in helping to prevent these deaths.
  9. Our Nurse Changed Our Lives
    Jessica Grenon, a mom of two, shares the birth story of her son who had shoulder dystocia and why she credits her nurse for changing the trajectory of his life.
  10. History of Labor and Delivery Nursing
    One of our very first posts! Check out a slideshow of how nursing has evolved over the decades

Thanks again to all of our readers and bloggers! We look forward to sharing more stories with you in 2016!

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