If women could talk what would they say? 

by, Ann L. Bianchi, PhD, RN

Part One of a Three part series on Intimate Partner Violence

The women in this post have volunteered to speak for abused women who are afraid to talk or can’t talk.

Give voice to women who are facing Intimate Partner Violence. Learn more about it and what you can to do help.

There are no boundaries to intimate partner violence.

Even pregnancy does not protect the woman from abuse.

How does IPV impact the mother’s health during pregnancy, the birth process, and her recovery?  How does the abuse affect the health and well-being of her unborn child?  How does the mother provide for her newborn under the shadow of abuse?

The next post in our three part IPV series: Intimate Partner Violence during Pregnancy will address these questions.

Want to learn more now? Find out more about IPV and what you can to do help.

Ann BianchiAnn Bianchi, PhD, RN
Ann L. Bianchi is an Associate Professor, College of Nursing , The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville Alabama.

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