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All submissions to The AWHONN Connections should be made to in MS Word (no PDF’s).

Formatting: Please keep formatting in your blog submission to a minimum, because if your article is accepted we will apply our standard formatting during the editing and design process. Use a plain, 12-point Roman font, with 1” margins and double-spaced lines. Please be sure to include the following information within your text:

  • Title of the blog post, set in bold.
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  • A link to your twitter, Facebook or social media profiles (optional, but it will greatly help us to cross promote your post)
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  • A caption for your image, including the photographer’s name.
  • The source and rights to use your image in one of the following ways: Proof of creative commons, including link to source of image. Written permission (e-mail is OK) from the photographer of your image and any copyright information in brackets.
  • Proof of the rights to use the person photographed in marketing materials: Written permission (e-mail is OK) if the person is over 18. Written permission from a parent or guardian (e-mali is OK) if the person is under 18.
  • A brief author’s biography of no more than three sentences.

NOTE on Images: All images must be submitted along with the manuscript as separate, high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) image files, such as .JPG, .TIF, or .EPS files. We cannot accept image files in formats such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Do not embed image files within the submission, submit separate image files instead.

NOTE on Links: In general, if you are referencing from something which exists online, it is preferable to use in-text links. Links should be descriptive. Avoid using the word ‘link’ in brackets after a sentence or linking from the word ‘here’, where an alternative is possible.


  • Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their work.
  • Unauthorized use of other people’s work is unacceptable and harmful not only to the author but also to the reputation of the blog. Responsibility for any plagiarism will rest with the author.
  • Comments and replies will be moderated. However, feel free to report any offensive or unwarranted behavior.


  • AWHONN retains the rights to any text published on AWHONN Connections, except in the case where we are reprinting already published material.
  • Unless otherwise informed, we assume that submitted articles are offered for exclusive publication on AWHONN Connections and that no piece accepted for publication will be published elsewhere simultaneously in any form without our knowledge. To obtain approval to republish, please contact and provide a 48-hour approval window.
  • AWHONN reserves the right to refuse submissions that we deem for any other reason to be unsuitable, unlawful, or objectionable, such as but not limited to the content of the posting/material (for example, the usage of inappropriate language), the subject matter, the timeliness or relevance of the material/posting, or reasons related to intellectual property, among others.
  • AWHONN has the right to edit blog posts for content or length.


  • The opinions expressed in these posts are attributable solely to their respective authors, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All views and opinions are not necessarily those of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics & Neonatal Nurses and should not be understood as such.
  • Please remember that these guidelines are intended to give the blog some consistency; they are not meant to repress your individual voice. If you would like to consult about topic selection or to propose a specific topic, you can forward your questions or suggestions to the editorial team at


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